Elections 2004: Commission urges countries to protect foreign residents’ voting rights

Current and future EU Member States should take all the necessary measures to guarantee that foreign residents can vote and stand in the European Parliament elections 2004.


In a Commmunication adopted on 8 April 2003, the Commission has asked all current and future Member States to ensure that EU citizens living in another Member State can vote or stand as candidate for the next European Parliament elections from 10-13 June 2004. More than 1 million EU citizens are living outside of their own country (in another EU Member State), but should be able to participate in these elections.

The Commission asked in particular that all new Member States (Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia) transpose the relevant Community law (Directive 93/109/EC) without delay. Only three future Members (Czech Republic, Estonia and Slovenia) have already adapted their national election law.

More than 340 million eligible voters will elect 732 new Members of the European Parliament between 10 and 13 June 2004.