Hungary’s parliament elects new president

Hungary’s parliament has elected 63-year-old László Sólyom to the post of president. 

Hungary’s parliament narrowly elected László Sólyom to the post of president on 7 June. Sólyom, the candidate of the parliamentary opposition, will succeed Ferenc Mádl in the post. He took his oath of office immediately after the vote and will assume his post on 5 August for a five-year term.

Following two unsuccessful voting rounds, where candidates needed a two-thirds majority to be elected, Sólyom was elected in a simple majority ballot. His opponent, Katalin Szili, was the candidate of the ruling Socialist Party (MSZP). She holds the post of speaker of parliament. Sólyom received 185 votes to Szili’s 182.

Sólyom, 63, formerly held the post of president of Hungary’s Constitutional Court. 

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