Maltese voters set to reelect nationalist government on Saturday

Malta’s Nationalist Party, led by Prime Minister
Eddie Fenech Adami, is leading the polls with 49.7 percent of
vote intentions ahead of the general elections, scheduled for
12 April.

Some 300,000 Maltese voters will elect a new government on
Saturday, 12 April. The early elections were called by
Prime Minister Adami in March to confirm the results of the
referendum on Malta's accession to the EU. 53.65 percent of
the Maltese voted in favour of EU membership on 8 March.

According to an opinion poll, published
in the Sunday Times of Malta, the opposition Labour Party,
led by Alfred Sant, would only win 29.7 percent of the
votes. However, 18.3 percent of the voters remain

Mr Sant said that he would not travel to
Athens on 16 April to sign the EU Accession Treaty if he
wins the election.

Prime Minister Adami stated that Malta
would experience a strong economic boom and job growth if
the voters confirm the "yes" vote obtained in the
referendum on EU accession.


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