Marc Levy: National Front elite share mindset of men that tortured my father

Marc Levy, France’s most widely-read living author, implored his countrymen not to fall into the “racist, xenophobic and backward” trap of the National Front. A party which, in his words, think the same way as those who tortured his father, a former resistance fighter. EURACTIV Spain reports.

Optimistic by nature, Levy predicted at a book fair in Geneva that extremism, embodied by the far-right presidential bid of Marine Le Pen, will suffer “a crushing, forceful and massive” defeat at the hands of rival Emmanuel Macron.

The acclaimed author, whose 17 books have been translated into 49 languages, insisted that even if Le Pen does win the race to the Élysée Palace then it “will not mean the end of Europe as we know it” but the start of a “ferocious resistance” aimed at removing her.

Hollande: The French will vote for France, but also for Europe

At French President François Hollande’s last press conference at a European summit today (29 April), asked the last question: The EU will obviously survive Brexit but could the bloc survive if France takes another course after the second round of the presidential election on 7 May?

Following the success of his first novel, If Only It Were True, which was adapted into a Hollywood movie by Steven Spielberg, Levy has established himself as France’s most widely read contemporary author, with 40 million copies of his works sold worldwide.

With a new book recently published, Levy admitted that he understands the “pain and suffering” that might lead millions of his countrymen to vote for the National Front. But he insisted that “once you lend your voice to extremism, you never get it back.”

Citing his own family history, the author said “my grandparents perished in a concentration camp and my father, a former French Resistance fighter against the Nazis, was arrested and tortured by people that think in the same way to most of the National Front elite”.

Macron pushes republican values, attacks National Front's 'lies'

At a rally of some 12,000 people in Paris yesterday (1 May), the presidential frontrunner confirmed his anti-National Front stance, denounced the illiberal regimes in Hungary, Poland and Russia and promised a new approach to CETA. EURACTIV France reports.

Levy was just a teenager when he found out that his father had been an active member of the Resistance during the Second World War and that he had been tortured as a result.

Indeed, his latest novel, La Dernière des Stanfield, deals with what happens when people find out elements from their parents’ pasts that have been swept under the carpet.

“My father never talked about it (his time in the Resistance) and I didn’t ask, so the day I found out, I began to really know who my father was,” Levy revealed.

Levy has been a resident of New York for ten years and shared that although his books regularly climb to the top of the best sellers list in France, he leads a quiet life. He also warned that if his fame were ever to impact on his life too much then he would stop being an author.

Goulard: Macron's election will change Europe

If Emmanuel Macron wins the second round of the French election on 7 May, labour market reform, security and the migration crisis will become priority issues for the European Union.

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