Oettinger suggests stripping Schäuble of finance role

Günther Oettinger said Wolfgang Schäuble would make an "ideal" president of the German parliament. [European Commission]

EU Budget Commissioner Günther Oettinger said on Monday (25 September) that Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble would make an “ideal” president of parliament, raising the possibility of a role change for a man long associated with unflinching austerity in the eurozone.

Schäuble has controlled Germany’s powerful finance ministry since 2009 but the outcome of Sunday’s federal elections has raised doubts over whether he can hold onto the job.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives remain the largest bloc in the lower house Bundestag and are expected to seek a coalition with the pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) and Greens. The FDP has signalled it would like the finance ministry.

“If Chancellor Angela Merkel and Schaeuble agree, he would make an ideal candidate for the post of Bundestag president,” Günther Oettinger, the European Union’s budget Commissioner, told the Stuttgarter Zeitung newspaper.

Merkel stays mum on finance ministry at Schäuble's birthday bash

German Chancellor Angela Merkel praised her veteran finance minister at a party in his honour yesterday (18 September), as a potential coalition partner laid claim to his job as their price for supporting her in power.

Schäuble, who has refused to discuss his future after the election, is a hate figure in Greece and other parts of southern Europe for his insistence on tax hikes and spending cuts at a time of deep economic recession in return for eurozone bailout loans.

But Schäuble, 75, is widely respected in Germany as a responsible steward of the nation’s finances and has enjoyed Merkel’s strong support during the eurozone debt crisis that almost tore the single currency bloc apart.

The current president of the Bundestag, Norbert Lammert of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), is not up for reelection. Under separation of power rules the Bundestag president cannot simultaneously hold a ministerial post.

Schäuble: UK shouldn't be punished for Brexit

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble told Euractiv’s partner Der Tagesspiegel that dealing with new US President Donald Trump requires a “calm” approach and that the UK shouldn’t be punished for Brexit.

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