Sweden: Persson averts crisis over no-confidence vote

Just hours before a vote of no-confidence in the parliament, Swedish Prime Minister Göran Persson managed to secure a deal with the Greens.

Sweden's minority Social Democratic government won the 15 September elections (seeEURACTIV 16 September), but got into trouble when the Greens wanted more concessions during the coalition talks. The opposition Moderate Party introduced a no-confidence motion because the government did not secure a majority in coalition talks following the elections. The Greens, who have supported the minority SDP government in the past, threatened to support this motion. The last-minute deal with the environmental party on 1 October will enable Mr Persson to survive the no-confidence vote. Although the Greens got no extra cabinet positions, they promised to support the minority government for at least two years, after having won concessions on environmental issues.

The Social Democrat government of Mr Persson is expected to organise a referendum on euro membership next year.


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