Van Rompuy says he will quit politics in 2014

Van Rompuy_1.jpg

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy announced on Belgian television yesterday (17 March) that his EU mandate, which expires on 1 December 2014, will mark the end of his political career.

“Members of my family are on the [elections] lists," Van Rompuy said on the 'De Zevende Dag' TV programme broadcast on the Flemish VRT channel.

"Those who want to vote for a Van Rompuy will be able to do it," he said in reference to the Belgian national election in 2014.

"The end of 2014 is the end of my political career,” the former Belgian prime minister said.

European elections will be held in May 2014 and Belgian national elections will be held two months later.

Van Rompuy is the first person to be president of the Council. The job was created by the Lisbon Treaty, nominally to give the Union more international visibility and continuity in its action.

Van Rompuy's family is well represented on the Belgian political scene.

His brother Eric is a member of the Flemish Parliament from Christian Democratic party, or CD&V. His sister Tine is a member of a small leftist party, the Workers’ Party of Belgium. His son Peter also sits in the Flemish Parliament. And his wife Geertrui is a deputy mayor in the commune of Rhode-Saint-Genèse where the family lives.

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