Manifesto for a “European” Political Group

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The Idea Factory, a new European platform that aims to produce thought-provoking ideas, presents a controversial Manifesto for a new, pro-European political group.

Manifesto for a “European” Political Group

In the aftermath of the European elections, a ghost haunts the corridors of the European Parliament (EP): a new political formation in the making. Welcomed by some, feared by others, a new political group with a strong European ‘soul’ at the centre of the EP might change the rules of the political game in the EU. There is no shortage of obstacles and reservations: the traditional consensual nature of EU policy-making does not encourage stronger polarisation in the political debate. If anything, some argue that party-political opposition in the EP increasingly runs along the left-right dimension familiar to national systems, rather than the ‘more or less Europe’ divide.

Ideas Factory Europe (IF) thanks Sandro Gozi for making the first concrete case for the much-discussed creation of a new political formation which would be supportive of a progressive agenda at the European level. Sandro moves the debate on with some concrete, provocative proposals. He outlines what should be the political priorities of this political group, and how it should function, with a view to building a truly European party.

While, of course, not endorsing any partisan political position, Ideas Factory Europe (IF) believes that this is a worthwhile contribution to better understanding of some of the driving forces shaping the new EP. This controversial Idea is certain to be challenged by other members of IF and in the wider debate. More Ideas will follow anticipating political developments in the EP, from different perspectives, with a view to enriching the essential party political debate at the supra-national level.

Visit the EPC website to read thethis manifesto in its full length.  

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