EU warns Bulgaria over election fraud claims

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Following a rocky election that has left Bulgaria facing a potential political stalemate, the European Commission on Monday warned that it wants clarity over reported allegations of election fraud.

Only hours before election day, the Bulgarian authorities found 350.000 illegally printed ballots in a printing house near Sofia. The business was owned by an activist of the center- right party GERB. The seizure quickly prompted complaints by the opposition socialist party.

According to the Commission, the Bulgarian authorities will provide additional information on the ongoing investigation as early as this week.

Bulgaria went to the polls on Sunday after protests over rising energy prices and poor economic conditions led to the resignation of former center-right Prime Minister Boiko Borisov.

Borisov’s party still came first in Sunday’s elections but fell short of a majority. Experts believe he is unlikely to form a coalition government.

Bulgaria is the poorest country of the European Union. It has the lowest average salary in the EU, at less than 400 euros a month.

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