Tweets of the Week: Election poll, copyright mob, and Fidesz in trouble

Shock and awe at latest Parliament poll, Commission scores copyright own goal, and Hungary’s Fidesz party is playing the troll.

This episode is supported by BCW, more about their scorecard at the end.

This week a new poll revealed the predicted make-up of the next European Parliament. And it looks like the Social Democrats and the EPP will both lose seats. Meaning it will take at least three mainstream pro-EU parties to form a ruling coalition.

Populists are predicted to surge above 14%. Still small, but showing strong gains, said David Herszenhorn.

Jennifer Rankin summed it up as the end of the ‘grand coalition’ but no Eurosceptic takeover.

Stuart Wooley won’t mourn the passing of a ‘grand coalition’ of beige bureaucrats.

However Sophia Russack injected a note of caution saying poll predictions are often wrong. And quoted Simon Hix saying governing parties, large parties, anti-EU parties as well as social democrats do systematically worse in European Parliament than in national elections.

Elsewhere there was some good news and some bad news. Spoof account Martini Seltzermayr explained. The good news is the Commission is no longer calling people “citizens”. Bad news, it’s now calling them the mob.

You might have thought the copyright reform argument was all but over, but just when you thought it was safe to go back on social media, a new row erupted. This time over a seriously ill-judged blog post from the European Commission entitled “How the mob was told to save the dragon and slay the knight.”

Digital Vice President Andrus Ansip‏ said he was as angry about it as anyone else. “This kind of language is inexcusable,” he said. Informed decision-making needs as many arguments as possible.

On Thursday Commissioner Mariya Gabriel also apologized for the blogpost in the Parliament’s IMCO committee.

Joe McNamee asked was she really sorry or just sorry that people misunderstood?

MEP Julia Reda wanted to know who authorized the post. How can the Commission communicate on copyright over the heads of both responsible Commissioners, she asked.

Watch this space for more updates. Copyright: the horror show file that just keeps giving.

Finally this week, Hungary ruling party Fidesz launched a political campaign targeting Jean Claude Juncker.

Istvan Ujhelyi said the propaganda was the face of Hungarians everywhere.

Guy Verhofstad called it “a disgrace,” and “shameful.” And asked what the EPP group will do now?

Many others agreed at the #expelFidesz hashtag started popping up on posts.

Juncker himself was pretty clear saying Fidesz doesn’t belong in EPP.

Oliver Schwarz quoted him saying that EPP spitzenkandidat Manfred Weber “will be asking himself if he needs these votes at all.”

And EPP president Joseph Daul‏ “strongly condemned” the campaign adding the claims made in the campaign are deceitful, misleading and not based on facts.

This week we are supported by BCW. Check out the findings of their European Commission scoreboard survey on how well the Juncker Commission has performed. Spoiler alert, respondents gave it just 46 out of 100.

That’s it for another week. Do join me again next Friday for more spills and thrills is the Brussels Bubble Twittersphere.

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