Tweets of the Week: Eurovision, Macron’s cabinet, and LGBTI rights

It’s EUTweets! Your weekly round up from the Brussels Bubble Twitterati.

If you were online last weekend, you couldn’t miss it – the Eurovision Song Contest broke the internet with its annual display of pizzazz, performances and political point-scoring.

Dan Sobovitz said you can’t complain about the results if you didn’t exercise your democratic right to vote!

Bill, the Queen of Random said, “Of course Eurovision is confusing to Americans, the one with the most votes actually gets to win!”

There was a campaign to get votes for the UK to force them to host a display of European diversity just as Brexit unfolds.

@Socialistdawn in particular thought it would make Nigel Farage very unhappy.

In the end, the winner was Portugal, prompting congratulations from Portuguese Commissioner Carlos Moedas.

But not everyone was happy: Alexander Bard said it was the ultimate form of pretentiousness – a hippie winning while claiming his clichéd Disney ballad is authentic.

Moving to proper politics, new French President Emmanuel Macron announced his cabinet. As pointed out by Ouest France, it’s a mixed boat including members of The Republicans, the Socialists and MODEM.

The FT’s Duncan Robinson‏ said it looks like Macron has gone for someone old, someone new, someone borrowed and Bayrou.

And Paul Ganchou also suggested the new justice minister will deliver justice – one slap at a time.

Wednesday was the international day against homophobia and saw the Berlaymont lit up in rainbow colours.

There were even LGBT traffic lights.

Commission Frist VP Frans Timmermans was one of the first to‏ tweet out solidarity.

But eagle-eyed Twitter users were quick to point out his team had forgotten the hashtag.

Finally, our “HUH” moment of the week came courtesy of FSN’s Jack Parrock with this picture of a lone yogi in doing Sun Salutations in front of the Berlaymont. Only in Brussels, indeed!

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That’s it for this week, keep sending your witticisms and criticisms using the hashtag #EUTweets. And remember to tune in next week, for what is almost certain to be a Trump special!

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