Tweets of the Week: Green Wave, Brexit, and Daphne Caruana Galizia

Green Party election results are thrilling, Theresa May flunks Brexit grilling and justice demanded over journalist killing.

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The big news from last weekend was a so-called “green wave” that swept across Europe in regional elections.

Well, over Bavaria, Luxembourg and Brussels at least.

Green MEP Molly Scott Cato broke down the figures: the Green party took second place in Bavaria with 18 per cent, was first in 4 districts in Brussels and made gains in Luxembourg.

As well as four green mayors in Brussels there were also good results in Antwerp and Gent reportted Linnéa Engström.

In Bavaria, although CSU had the most votes overall,

Human Rights Watch’s Kenneth Roth said the real winner was the Greens, who speak positively about Europe and migration: “People are tired of the hate and fear-mongering.”

Meanwhile in Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel of the Democratic party looks set to form a new government with the Greens.

“You see, you can be a European and not a populist and still win elections,” he said arriving at the European Council Summit on Wednesday.

Ah yes, the Summit. You could not miss it!

Laura Kuensseberg reported Council leader Donald Tusk saying “we need the feeling that we are near a breakthrough, I hope that tomorrow Prime Minister May will present something creative enough to solve this impasse” Hmmmm.

Hmmmm indeed Laura!

Wednesday morning Brussels was a sea of black Mercedes, sirens, helicopters and security galore as Summit fever hit.

But Tusk was to be disappointed. Despite being allocated half an hour speaking time, Theresa May spoke for just 15 minutes. A “breakthrough” it was not.

Nonetheless she insisted her Brexit plan is not dead. “It’s merely pining for the Fjords,” quipped Jo Maugham.

The Independent’s Europe Correspondent Jon Stone has been refusing to shave until there’s progress in Brexit talks – get used to the beard Jon!

Congrats to everyone who had money on a no-score draw. You’ve just won back a small fraction of your bet said Berlaymonster.

Andrew Byrne summed it up: No breakthrough on Brexit, but May expressed a willingness to consider extending the transition phase.

Jack Parrock added that there is no confirmed November summit, but anyone who’s followed EU sagas knows they could just pop one on the calendar at any time. Hard to wade through it all with an absolute load of Brexit noise at the moment while there’s actually very little going on.

So little, that the Council dinner was the shortest in recent memory… leaving plenty of time for Merkel, Macron, Michel and Bettel to have a beer on Brussels’ Grand Place.

Finally Tuesday marked one year since the brutal murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Thousands gathered for vigils in Valletta and Brussels.

Those behind the vicious killing have still not been caught. “We need a public inquiry in Malta to provide Justice for Daphne,” said Julia Reda.

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That’s it for this week. Join me again next Friday for more thrills and spills in the Brussels Bubble Twittershphere.

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