Tweets of the Week: Macron, Europe Day, and Mariya Gabriel

Hello and welcome to this week’s Friday fun with EU Tweets. Of course, dominating the news this week is Emmanuel Macron’s presidential victory in France.

His official Twitter account broke the news first with a “Déclaration officielle”.

Reuters’ Noah Barkin got straight to the point, asking what the new nickname will be after Merkozy & Merkollande. He votes for “Mackerel”!

Others pointed out the striking difference between the new French president and his counterpart in the US.

Tobias Schneider wondered if the Molière quoting leader will have much to talk about with famously book-shy Donald Trump.

And yet more considered his dashing looks! Hollande may not have been as attractive as Obama, but with Macron and Trump the tables have turned, said Spark Dise.

And, of course, there was the inevitable comparison with Brexit. We think this cartoon says it all. It’s the domino effect. 

Back in Brussels, Europe Day took centre stage. Thomas Pesquet said that viewed from space, London, Paris and Brussels form a very European triangle.

While an account calling itself EU Flag Mafia celebrated with a huge 4-metre flag in Maidenhead.

However, the Leave.EU campaign wants to do away with “the corrupt European Union” and posted this image featuring Nigel Farage and Marine LePen.

Many others, including Krishnan Guru-Murthy, highlighted the latest Banksy mural.

Finally, we have learned who will replace the irreplaceable Kristalina Giorgeva as Bulgarian Commissioner. The Prime Minister of Bulgaria, Boyko Borissov announced the nomination of Mariya Gabriel on Twitter.

The next step, as explained by the Commission, is an interview with Juncker.

Leading Katie Owens to ask, do we know if she will take over Georgieva’s former portfolio or is it time for a re-shuffle?

Thanks to Danfoss for supporting this week’s episode. Read their latest tweet about the huge potential for energy savings by optimising buildings on Twitter at @Danfoss.

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