Italian lake goes all electric

Lake Como has been hailed as Europe's first 'electric destination'. [Shutterstock]

Italy’s picturesque Lake Como has become Europe’s first ‘electric destination’ after efforts to install a far-reaching electric-charging network were finally realised.

Inventor of the electrical battery and power pioneer Alessandro Volta was born and died on the banks of Lake Como, so it is only fitting that the popular tourist destination has gone all-electric, with an extensive network of electric vehicle charging points.

Italy’s network of historic gardens (GGI) has managed to set up 15 electric car charging points around the lake’s 170km perimeter, using Tesla’s ‘Destination Charging’ technology.

This project has the backing of 27 local stakeholders, including hoteliers and restaurant owners, who have pledged to implement green practices.

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The network is boosted by further charging points for electric bicycles and electric boats. GGI hopes the new infrastructure will help reduce air and noise pollution, as well as protect native animal and plant species.

GGI’s Judith Wade said “our biggest asset is our environment. The lake will be less noisy and have the air quality our visitors deserve”.

The association added that it wants to “make Lake Como the ideal destination for those who have an electric car, bike or boat, making sustainable tourism, which respects the environment, a possibility”.

‘Como – The Electric Lake’ will be trialled for the rest of this year ahead of a nationwide roll-out of the scheme. Many of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations suffer from overcrowding and traffic congestion, with the idea being to alleviate these problems as much as possible.

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