Comments on: Netherlands sees an opening for more ambitious car CO2 limits EU news and policy debates across languages Wed, 10 Apr 2019 17:36:52 +0000 hourly 1 By: Mike Parr Thu, 07 Jun 2018 07:13:07 +0000 “The opposition (to new limits) was particularly staunch from the German government, where the country’s powerful auto industry was furiously lobbying both Brussels and Berlin” – I hear that VW will put up an LED signboard in their offices facing the Berlaymont – saying “No new limits – protect OEM jobs” (just kidding).

Entering the realms of “he said – she said”:
ACEA says, market demand is not strong enough at the moment to get the EU to this goal
Julia Poliscanova (T&E): consumer demand for EVs is enormous, Euro OEMs are dragging their feet (30% of British, French and German consumers say they would consider buying an electric car today).
& – only about 30 EV models
& – small marketing spend (1.5% of ad budgets – I guess 40% is spent pushing 4×4 aka wanks (cos only… … drive them etc)
Who is right? Well there are only 30 EV models to chose from vs 300 odd ICEs – so it sounds as if “there are few models to chose from” has some traction.
“consider buying” is some distance from “& what colour would sir/madam like”

Q1: Where do Euro OEMs make most of their money?
A1: High end stuff
Q2: Which is the best selling high-end vehicle in the USA (by a country mile) Tesla.
Oh dear.

Best selling car in history? VW Beetle. 21 million. Working on the basis that there is demand for EVs with adequate performance for commute & shopping I will pose three questions
Q3: can the Chinese read (sorry rhetorical Q).
Q4: might they read this article
Q5: what happens if they produce an EV equivalent of the VW Beetle? & export it to the EU (or build in kit form in the EU).
Positive response to Q5 = very much a “good-night Vienna” situation for Euro OEMs

Moving back to the high-end & continuing our dig towards Australia & looking at the Tesla Model 3 – one could “compare” it to BMW’s 5 series “Grand Turismo” – well perhaps “compare” is too strong a word. If Tesla sold the Model 3 in the EU for a price similar to that in the USA it would be around Euro29k – which is much much cheaper than any of the BMW 5 series. As for performance, the Tesla “out drags” any of the diesel-powered 5 Series. So I guess wrt many of the Euro OEM high end offerings: pay more, get less?

Euro OEMs have set a course towards disaster: putting off the inevitable in the hope that by delaying they will gain enough time to make a painless move towards EVs. & thus Europe’s de-carb ambitions are sacrificed on the altar of Euro OEM convenience. Well done boys – I look forward to more synchronised whinning in the future.