Alternative fuels and cleaner transport: From policy to reality

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With 94% depending on traditional fuels, the current European transport sector requires up to €1 billion a day and is responsible for a quarter of EU carbon emissions.

Research and technological development have proved that alternative low-emission fuels can be a solution in all transport modes.

Concrete steps need to be implemented. For example, the European Commission’s Clean Power for Transport package sets several milestones for the adoption of a single market for alternative fuels in Europe.

EURACTIV organised a stakeholder workshop to discuss practical solutions for the uptake of alternative fuels and implementation of the EU strategy. Questions discussed included:

  • What are the main constraints for the adoption of alternative fuels in European transport?
  • What are the market and regulatory needs?
  • How to achieve a balance between long-term solutions and immediately available alternatives?
  • What role can the industry play in the adoption of alternative fuels? And consumers?
  • What policy and concrete measures are needed by the EU institutions and member states?

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