As it happened: Ministers hash out future of EU energy policy

EU energy ministers will discuss, among other files, the renewable energy directive. [Shutterstock]

EU energy ministers met on Monday (18 December) in an attempt to find a common position on three crucial energy laws, ahead of fierce negotiations with the European Parliament expected early next year. Here is how EURACTIV reported on the latest developments.

Member states agreed on four so-called “general approach” before the beginning of negotiations with the European Commission and Parliament behind closed doors next year.

Talks kicked off Monday morning, when ministers tried to agree on two electricity market design laws. Estonia, entering the final days of its EU Presidency, hoped for a strong position here, as it is somewhat of a passion project for the Baltic state.

Later in the afternoon, two laws on renewable energy and governance were on the table. Ministers managed to agree on positions on all four texts but the content of the general approaches will be up for debate immediately.

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