Comments on: To finance the energy transition, EU leaders must restore their ambition EU news and policy debates across languages Mon, 18 Feb 2019 10:01:59 +0000 hourly 1 By: Mike Parr Wed, 10 Jan 2018 12:55:10 +0000 The article expresses good sentiments in terms of investment in renewables and energy efficiency. It also describes the current situation, EP, Council, EC quite well. Where it fails completely is to offer any explanation as to why the dolts & has-beens which constitute the European Council – i.e. our erected representatives – have adopted an unambitious/BAU position – given that the EU WILL MISS its obligations under the Paris Agreement.

Whilst one expects stupidity from the wooden tops aka PiS of Poland plus their mates in Vicegrad (aptly names given the recent goings on in Bulgaria) plus of course Ratjoy & his financial supporters such as Iberdrola (tell me Rat’ how are the corruption cases going in Spain?) one is somewhat surprised that the Germans and the French are not pushing for more “ambition”.

Indeed, the recent Agora report of German de-carb progress is pitiful – when you look at future progress – basically there is very little. The Germans are now at 35% RES – the target for 2025 is a 40 – 45% – but the trajectory (based on 2010 – 2016) could be 70% – 2027 (mostly from off-shore – but German ambitions in this area are miniscule). But of course lignite means jobs doesn’t it Angie? And oh dearie me! – we can’t have an energy efficiency programme worthy of the name – that might mean spending money and the European Centraal Bundesbank wouldn’t like that – would it? France? – well Mr Macaroon talks the talk but EdF also known as the French-state-within-a-state would lose (even more) money with a meaningful EE programme (Christ! what would we do with all those nuke stations?)- & we can’t have that – can we?

What an absolute shower of useless self-serving gits European politicos are – unfit (& incapable) to clean my bogs, let alone chart a de-carb course for Europe. Europe/EU – wrt climate change action: all mouth & no trousers.