Gazprom did not reserve gas transit capacity for June via Slovakia, Poland

Asked by a member of the pro-Russian nationalist Vazrazhdane party about when the government would resume talks with Gazprom, Vassilev told parliament that Bulgaria’s contract, which expires at the end of the year, has not been terminated by Bulgaria, and that gas supplies have been unilaterally suspended by Russia. [EPA-EFE/ANATOLY MALTSEV]

Gazprom decided not to renew its capacity share via the Yamal gas pipeline that runs through Poland nor the capacity transit via Slovakia for June, Czech press agency ČTK reported based on their findings of the results of an energy auction.

Gazprom announced last week that it would not transport gas through the Yamal pipeline, which runs into Germany via Belarus and Poland, because of sanctions on EuRoPol GAZ, which owns the Polish section of the pipeline.

Yamal is one of the main pipelines transporting Russian gas to Western Europe.

However, in recent weeks it has mostly operated in reverse mode, delivering gas from Germany to Poland. Russia also halted gas exports to Poland at the end of April as Warsaw refused a demand to pay in roubles.

Russian gas that goes to Slovakia runs through the Brotherhood pipeline via the Veľké Kapušany hub but Gazprom has to buy the capacity at the auction. In total, there were 70.4 million cubic metres of capacity per day on offer.

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