Upon astrologer’s advice, Borissov to unveil cabinet on 4 May

Boyko Borissov signs the teeshirt of a young supporter. [Website of Boyko Borissov]

Bulgaria’s Boyko Borissov is bound to be Prime Minister for a third time. In recent months he has confessed to following the advice of astrologers, who advised him not to unveil the new government before 4 May.

The Bulgarian cabinet, consisting of members of Borissov’s GERB party and the “United Patriots” which includes the anti-Semitic Ataka (“Attack”) party, is reportedly ready.

Bulgarian ultra-nationalists set to enter government

Bulgarian ultra-nationalists look set to enter government for the first time after a new pro-Russian “patriotic” alliance agreed a coalition with former premier Boyko Borissov’s party following elections on 26 March.

According to Bulgarian media, the announcement of the cabinet is delayed until after 3 May upon the advice of Borissov’s astrologer. The Bulgarian strongman is known to have at least two astrologers, one being Svetoslav Spassov, a Vienna-based Bulgarian diplomat, and the other, Ekaterina Zaharieva, Justice minister in his last cabinet and one of the names mooted  to step in as Bulgaria’s Commissioner.

Sofia has yet to designate a candidate for the EU executive. The post has been vacant since 31 December 2016, when Kristalina Georgieva left for a job at the World Bank.

Last September Borissov delayed the announcement of the candidate from his political force GERB until after the presidential elections, upon the advice of his astrologer Zaharieva, as he confessed himself. However, this did not prevent him from losing the election.

Bulgaria in political crisis after Socialist candidate wins presidential election

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said he will resign after Socialist-backed candidate, Rumen Radev,  a newcomer to politics, won the run-off of presidential election yesterday (13 November), by a landslide.

Mysterious ways

Mysticism is not new in Bulgarian politics. King Boris the Third of Bulgaria, who reigned from 1918 until his death in 1943, was a devout follower of Peter Deunov, also known by his spiritual name Beins Douno, a Bulgarian philosopher and spiritual teacher who developed a form of esoteric Christianity.

Under communism, Lyudmila Zhivkova, the influential daughter of the country’s strongman Todor Zhivkov, broke all the rules by openly developing her interests in religious mysticism and the occult.

But there is a risk that in delaying the announcement of the new cabinet, Bulgaria would miss a deadline for communicating its reaction to an “entente” proposed by Commission to end a five-year antitrust case against Gazprom.

Poland to lead battle against Commission-Gazprom entente

Poland is spearheading criticism of the Commission’s proposed “entente” that would end a five-year antitrust case against Gazprom for abusing its dominant position in eight countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

Yesterday (24 April) a Commission official confirmed that the deadline for submitting comments on the Gazprom settlement is 4 May.

Temenujka Petkova, who served as energy minister in the previous Borissov cabinet, said the 4 May deadline was “tentative” and that the Bulgarian position could be notified to the Commission at a later date.

However, a Commission official who asked not to be named said the deadline was strict.

Bulgaria will take over the rotating Presidency of the EU from 1 January 2018.

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