AFEMS 67th Congress: celebrating the European soul of the Association

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The 67th Annual Congress of the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition (AFEMS) took place in Portoroz, Slovenia, in the first week of June.

During the industry-wide meeting, the delegates discussed the most important challenges that the sector is facing. In the presence of prominent speakers such as Lisa Allen (REACH Expert for the Lead Consortium), Mike Winnerstig (BOD Chairman Swedish Pistol Federation) and Felix Krope (Vice President Slovenian Hunting Association), a far-reaching range of topics was debated on the General Assembly’s table.

More particularly, AFEMS renewed its commitment towards the sustainable and environmentally-responsible use of ammunition, dedicating a fundamental segment of the meeting to the ongoing legislative processes at the EU level.

What is more, AFEMS celebrated the entry of 4 new members and one new affiliate, reaching to represent companies from all the EU-28 countries and beyond. This underlines the AFEMS intention to place itself always nearer to the beating heart, not only of the European Union, but more importantly of the European continent and its surroundings.

The major event, which takes place in a different European country each year at the beginning of June, gathers more than a hundred people working on the sporting ammunition and related fields.

The Congress offers a unique opportunity for the industry to meet and debate on the hot topics for the business. In addition, the Annual Congress provides a friendly and sociable context – with a variety of side events –  in which to come across colleagues from other countries, to formulate joint strategic positions, and generally to keep in touch with European and international trends in the market.

The Congress event has been broadly appreciated by the external interlocutors of the Association, as it always represents a moment when all the actors involved can inform, inspire, and invigorate their networks.

Notably, the event depicts the openness and receptiveness of the Association towards institutions, European and international peers, expressing the real soul of AFEMS.

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