The pulp and paper industry keeps on investing

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Cepi publishes the third edition of REINVEST2050 in unprecedented times. For months, our private lives and business decisions have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

But the climate emergency can’t wait, so our industry keeps on investing in its transformation. Today we celebrate 16 projects to reduce carbon emissions that have been successfully finalised in our sector over the past two years.

Investing in innovation for 2050

The pulp and paper industry keeps on investing in carbon-saving technologies. Reaching a climate-neutral Europe by 2050 will require simultaneously deploying various solutions in different regions. In this year’s edition of REINVEST2050 we show real-life examples of increasing efficiency, reducing energy consumption, producing renewable heat with solar thermal, diversifying product portfolio and promoting the circular economy.

We want to continue our successful transition. To this end, our industry requires a policy framework that safeguards and enhance our competitiveness. In fact, the “Fit for 55” package will be essential to maintain our industry’s potential to invest. In the upcoming negotiations, all players, industry sectors, each Member State and society will need to demonstrate a substantial commitment.

Today’s successful investments

As we play a pivotal role in the transition towards a low-carbon economy, the project REINVEST2050 is our commitment to demonstrate how the forest fibre and paper industry is actively taking responsibility for reducing its carbon emissions. We are also leaders in providing bio-based alternatives.

The third edition of REINVEST2050 gathers 16 case studies representing a diverse array of investments from 8 countries, involving 13 companies from our sector. Producing electricity and heat entirely from renewable sources, preparing for using green hydrogen or recovering heat are just a few examples of projects carried out despite the coronavirus pandemic.

By improving energy efficiency and switching to renewable energy sources as the main tool to reduce our carbon emissions, our industry contributes to meeting climate change and energy goals. In addition, our innovative products help society shift from fossil-based to sustainable, renewable and recyclable products and solutions.


Way forward

The pulp and paper sector industry is in a key position to support the EU in becoming fit for 2050. Our vision is to advance the industrial transition in Europe, coupling value creation and decarbonisation in a wide range of European value chains.

To keep our industry internationally competitive and to promote carbon-saving solutions, the following measures are essential:

  • A regulatory framework that promotes, de-risks, supports and rewards investments in energy efficiency, CO2 avoidance and renewable energy
  • Availability of affordable climate-neutral energy sources – such as electricity, biogas or hydrogen – without sectoral restrictions
  • Supporting the phasing out of fossil fuel combustion
  • Securing effective protection for our sector against the risk of carbon leakage

In the meantime, Cepi continues to inspire the development and implementation of innovative technologies, solutions and concepts in our industry. A year after the launch of the Energy Solutions Forum, we step up our efforts to further support knowledge sharing within our industry and to promote demonstrating new technologies by developers and suppliers.

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