Energy prices spike and Poland is asked to protect human lives

This week the Beyond the Byline podcast is focusing on the spike of energy prices, the Commission’s monitoring of the evolution of the electricity prices, and its attempt to come up with long-term fixes like investments in energy savings and renewables as the main answer at European level.

To break down the components of the Commission’s plans to combat the spike in energy prices, I’m joined today by EURACTIV’s senior editor for energy and environment, Frederic Simon.

We are also talking about the situation on the Polish and Belarusian borders, where migrants and refugees have been trapped.

Five people have lost their lives and the EU is accusing Belarus of orchestrating the influx of migrants in retaliation against the sanctions the EU imposed because of the regime’s crackdown on political dissent. To hear more on this story, I spoke with Piotr Macej Kaczyński from EURACTIV Poland.

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