A Sustainable Future for Europe – The Contribution of Frontier Research

Launched in February 2007 to fund investigator-driven frontier research, the ERC is a key component of the EU’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. In just a few years, the ERC has made a significant impact on the European research landscape and achieved remarkable results with almost 10 000 researchers supported all over Europe. By empowering scientists to follow their curiosity, frontier research has the potential to produce paradigm-shifting discoveries with profound economic, societal and policy impacts.

Sustainability is just one of many areas where frontier research can make a real difference: from healthy lives to sustainable cities, from food security to equal societies. This event was an occasion for scientists and policy-makers to discuss how frontier research can help tackle some of the biggest sustainability challenges facing European citizens. Some ERC grantees shared their exciting findings on renewable energies, biodiversity threats, demographic change and the medicine of the future.

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