AFEMS: The lead issue and firearms legislation

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AFEMS is the Association of European Manufacturers of Sporting Ammunition, which represents a network of manufacturers and distributors of ammunition, components, clay targets and machinery.

AFEMS’ membership today includes 73 mMembers and affiliates from 32 European countries.

AFEMS is regarded as the sole spokesperson and representative for the entire European ammunition industry and works actively with the European Commission and the European Parliament.

The European yearly production of civilian ammunition is estimated at 2,700 million units.

The yearly turnover of European hunting and sport shooting activities is estimated around €18 billion, which grows to €40 billion when including related activities.

The sector counts more than 1,800 manufacturers, 200 distributors, 14,000 retailers.

The number of employees is estimated at 580,000.

There are about 7 million hunters and 3 million sport shooters.

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