Consumer behaviour & climate change: Can heating make a difference?

The planet is heating up fast. Whichever predictions you read, the consequences look serious. Efficient solutions to this acute global problem must be found quickly. The responsibility for tackling climate change lies with decision-makers, industry, and ordinary citizens.

Citizens are encouraged to recycle, eat less red meat, drink less dairy, reduce flying and favour public transport to battle climate change. Yet, consumers can, with the right information, easily reduce their energy consumption in relation to heating, an area traditionally considered hard to decarbonise. Solutions exist but are not being taken up by consumers at the speed that is needed to deliver meaningful carbon emission reductions. What can be done to change this?

EURACTIV organised this high-level debate to discuss how consumers can help the environment by changing their habits, especially their heating habits.

Questions included:

– Who should lead – policymakers or consumers? Who has the real power to effect change?
– What are the options for decarbonising the heating sector?
– Can technology and innovation alone solve the problem? What solutions are acceptable to consumers?
– Where do logistical, financial or practical constraints meet customer acceptance or reluctance?

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