Decarbonisation of LNG – Expanding the pathway for clean energy sources in Europe?

The EU LNG import terminals currently import LNG that consists of methane of fossil origin. LNG produces lower CO2 emissions than most fossil fuels and has a low level of methane leakages in the long term. However, they need to demonstrate their potential for achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and break the public perception for their exclusive use for the traditional fossil fuel.

In the long-term, LNG terminals have the potential to be the import gates for renewable energy sources in liquified form based on a proven business model. Through their assets, capabilities and expertise, and their location close to industrial zones, LNG terminals are well positioned to develop new services, making a meaningful contribution to the energy transition and the circular economy.

EURACTIV organised this debate to discuss how LNG developers are scaling up technologies and bringing down costs to allow fuels like hydrogen to be imported in Europe over the longer term and help it on a path to fulfil its potential as a widely-used clean energy solution.

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