‘Don’t waste your money on American LNG’: Mark Ruffalo in the European Parliament

Speaking in Brussels on Wednesday (5 February), Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo spoke out against a proposed EU list of energy infrastructure projects that will be voted on next week in the European Parliament.

Among the projects on the EU’s so-called 4th PCI list are a number of liquefied natural gas terminals aimed at increasing imports from the United States.

But most of it – if not all – will be fracked gas that pollutes the environment, Ruffalo warned.

“It is going to be fracked gas taken from my community, it’s going to poison our people and it is the antithesis of moving forward with the European Green Deal,” Said Ruffalo.

Next week, the European Parliament will vote on the 4th list of Projects of Common Interest (PCI). The list was presented by the European Commission in October last year, as a way to boost cross-border energy infrastructure in the EU. It contains 151 energy infrastructure projects, 70% of which are related to electricity and smart grids.

Projects on the PCI list are eligible to receive EU taxpayers’ money through the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), which can cover up to 50% of the costs for an eligible project.

But the Commission insists that appearing on the list is no guarantee that funding will actually be provided.

Billions to be wasted on ‘unnecessary’ gas projects, study says

Europe does not need new gas infrastructure to safeguard security of supply, according to a new study by industry consultants Artelys, which warns that there is a risk of €29 billion being wasted on 32 mostly “unnecessary” gas projects.

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