Electricity market design: A step in the right direction?

The European Commission announced proposals for EU energy market design, including electricity, at the end of 2016. Its aim is to make the electricity market more flexible, green and innovative.

However, some concerns have been raised over future investment and the regulation of prices, which may lower prices beyond the threshold of profitability.

Additionally, it is feared that assessments carried out at EU level by ENTSO-E could lead to poor implementation of decisions due to the lack of a specific national angle.

With the proposal now being discussed at the European Parliament, EURACTIV organised a  workshop to discuss in more detail the future of the European electricity market.

Questions  included:

  • How to safeguard the right of each member state to choose the most fitting energy mix for their markets and hence avoid any shortage of power supply?
  • What is needed for a reliable cross-border grid? How can the national TSOs’ analysis be better included in the ENTSO-E findings?
  • How to ensure that investment is not hindered by lower prices? Are scarcity pricing and intervention in the capacity markets an adequate solution?
  • How can electricity market design support the EU2030 energy and climate goals, including GHG reduction and energy efficiency measures, in the most efficient way?

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