European energy decarbonisation: reinforcing the EU’s 2050 climate goal through a green recovery

Decarbonising the energy sector in Europe by 2050 is an ambitious, yet achievable objective.

It implies a large-scale electrification of the transport and heat sectors, which in turn will allow a much higher penetration of renewable energies in the energy mix. Deep decarbonisation also involves an increase in the overall efficiency of the energy system and a reduction in the share of unabated gases in the energy balance.

The new reality brought about by the COVID-19 health crisis has reinforced the need to align the climate goals of the European Green Deal with the much-needed economic recovery efforts to build a more resilient, robust and sustainable EU economy.

Will a ‘green recovery’ plan be able to deliver the necessary innovation and jobs that are needed to kick-start the European economy? And what will be the role of the energy sector in this plan?

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