European Risk Summit 2013

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The European Risk Summit, hosted in June 2013, has brought renewed focus to the issue of evidence and risk-based rulemaking, and has highlighted the critical role that science plays in policy formation at EU level.

Attended by 100 Irish and international experts comprising policy-makers, regulators, governing bodies, industry and academia from the chemicals, food, environmental, healthcare and pharmaceuticals sectors, the Summit heard calls for the establishment by the European Parliament of a formal group on risk that would advise politicians on potentially contentious legislative matters of perceived threat to human well-being and environmental sustainability.

Addressing the Summit, Professor Ragnar Löfstedt, Director of King’s Centre for Risk Management, said that “a clearer and more inclusive approach to scientific evidence would facilitate a better regulatory decision-making process”.

MEP Julie Girling, Chair of the Informal European Parliamentary Wodrking Group on Risk, and keynote speaker at the Summit, criticised the disproportionate use of “emotive arguments and political pressure when making policy, with not enough rationality at the heart of the debate”.

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