Fact Checking Science: Shaping the governance of scientific advice in the EU

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This article is part of our special report Fact-checking science.

What can EU institutions do to reinvigorate trust in EU government? Members of the European Parliament, in particular, play a key role in this process, both because of the impact of their political commitments and statements on societal attitudes, and because of their active involvement not only in making EU legislation but also in shaping its implementation.

This event was an opportunity to discuss the findings and recommendations of the Monograph by the European Risk Forum on Scientific Evidence and the Management of Risk.

The study sets out the main features of an enhanced governance for procuring, collecting and using the best available (scientific) evidence for EU decision-making. This is critical to protect citizens; restore public confidence in EU decision-making; and shape a regulatory framework that is conducive to innovation and economic growth.

Read the study:


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