Media Partnership – Rural futures: ensuring the EPBD leaves no one behind

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Buildings everywhere need to decarbonise

In its bid to be climate-neutral by 2050, the EU is revising the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) to be more ambitious towards renovating the EU’s building stock, almost 75% of which is energy inefficient. The recent REPowerEU plan adds further emphasis on the need to cut our energy demand in light of the global energy market disruption. One of priorities of the EPBD proposal is to modernise buildings and their heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. The challenge is to design smart policies to ensure the 130 million people living in rural areas across Europe are not excluded from the green transition.

Liquid gases are a key part of the energy policy puzzle

Electrifying heating and cooling in buildings is possible for a large portion of the population, but it is not the silver bullet in the decarbonisation of buildings. Off-grid, vulnerable communities risk being excluded from viable heating solutions as the current proposal favours technologies that might be unsuitable, unaffordable or both.

Rewatch this virtual conference organised by Liquid Gas Europe in media partnership with EURACTIV to find out what can be done to improve the existing regulatory framework to help support the decarbonisation of the built environment that includes rural communities. Discussed questions  included:
• What could be improved in the current EPBD proposal to better support decarbonisation of the built environment for all?
• What are the sustainable energy solutions that are better suited to rural communities?

ORGANISED BY: Liquid Gas Europe


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