Meeting the new 2030 emissions targets: how do we get there?

Alongside the ambition of making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, President von der Leyen’s Commission has made clear its aim of ensuring a ‘just transition’ for all European citizens and territories. Vice-President Frans Timmermans has explicitly stated that it was the EU’s responsibility to “make sure nobody is left behind” in the transition.

However, some Member States argue that the European Commission’s proposal to increase the 2030 target to 55% does not adequately reflect their different starting points. Moreover, they consider that the proposal does not provide sufficient burden-sharing mechanisms based on the compensations for the Member States with coal-dependent economies.

The latest vote in the European Parliament in favour of increasing the target to 60% brings an even bigger challenge for the Member States with higher greenhouse gas emissions and lower GDP per capita. These Member States are concerned that the burden of the transition cost will not be evenly distributed across the European Union which might reinforce or even create new inequalities within the EU.

EURACTIV organised this Virtual Conference to discuss how to mitigate possible side effects of the energy transition.

Listen to the full event here:

Meeting the new 2030 emissions targets: how do we get there?


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