REACH Review: Re-opening a can of worms?

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The review of the REACH regulation published early 2013, is meant to assess the positive and negative impacts of REACH. The review could however lead to a legislative revision in the future. Will REACH be able to create a balance between regulation, competitiveness and innovation?

• Given the costs involved in the REACH process, prices for certain end products could increase. How can industry remain competitive throughout the entire supply chain? What will be the impact on SMEs?

• How do other ongoing EU policy debates (e.g climate change, raw materials, resource and energy efficiency) relate to the REACH legislation? Do targets overlap? Should REACH be discussed from a holistic perspective?

• How will the European market be affected by REACH legislation? How does REACH legislation fit in today’s global marketplace?

• How will REACH fare in the UK Government’s ‘Balance of Competencies Review’?

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