Should Gas and Nuclear be labeled as green investments?

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Over the coming weeks, the EU is making a major decision to define what energy investments it labels as “green”. This could be a historic moment for the people and the planet.  But after decades of misinformation about nuclear and gas, they’re about to throw money down the wrong path.

The Taxonomy is the set of rules that will define what is a ‘green investment’ and what is not in Europe.  So, if done right it could be a powerful tool to push for more green energy. Now is our chance to push politicians to make a stand for our future and ban gas and nuclear from it.

WeMove Europe has created this video to bust the myth and shift the debate. By sharing the video with friends, family and colleagues you’re helping to spread an important message – we need bold new rules for renewables now. Together we can spread the word before it’s too late.

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