INFOGRAPHIC: The EU’s new Heating and Cooling Strategy

The European Commission announced a Heating and Cooling Strategy aimed at reducing energy waste.

Heating and cooling currently account for 50% of the EU’s annual energy consumption. This includes 59% of total gas consumption and 13% of total oil consumption in Europe.

The EU is highly dependent on energy imports. Decarbonising Europe’s buildings by 2050 would save around €40 billion on gas imports and €4.7 billion on oil imports per year.

European buildings are old and waste energy. The current renovation rate is below 1% per year.

So what does the Commission plan to do?

The EU’s Heating and Cooling strategy includes 5 main initiatives:

  1. Making renovating buildings easier
  2. Integrating electricity systems with heating and cooling systems
  3. Increasing the share of renewables
  4. Reusing energy waste from industries
  5. Getting consumers and industries involved

The executive hopes that these initiatives will:

  • Help EU citizens save money
  • Create jobs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions

But the strategy is just an EU coordination tool. It is up to member states to put it into practice.

Sources: Eurostat, European Commission

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