Poland’s renewable capacity grows 9.4% to 6 GW in 2014

Nowy Borek. West Pomerania, 2011. [?ukasz Hejnak/Flickr]

More wind and solar plants raised Poland’s renewable energy installed capacity to 6,029 megawatts (MW) in 2014 from 5,511 MW, data from energy market watchdog URE showed on Monday (2 February).

Wind farm capacity rose 13% to 3,834 MW, while solar capacity grew to 21 MW from 1.9 MW.

Eastern Europe’s biggest economy generates nearly 90% of its electricity from coal.

It aims to have renewable sources account for at least 15% of its energy by 2020 to meet EU emissions rules.

Poland’s total installed capacity, including coal-fired power plants, amounts to around 38 GW. This is about the size of neighbouring Germany’s wind power capacity.

Last year, Poland approved a long-awaited draft law that laid out new long-term subsidies for renewable energy, aiming to cut costs for consumers as well as help meet EU climate targets.

Renewable power producers have complained that an uncertain legal environment has prevented them from making new investments.

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