As it happened: Clean energy law hurdles cleared

Two crucial energy files on governance and energy efficiency could be closed tonight by EU negotiators. [European Parliament AV]

EU energy law negotiators met for the final time under the Bulgarian Presidency in a last ditch attempt to sign off on energy governance and efficiency legislation. Check out how EURACTIV covered the breaking developments and talking points of the talks.

Following the collapse of energy efficiency talks last week and the successful completion of the renewable energy directive, EU officials managed to broker an agreement on energy savings before working into the night on energy governance.

It brings a somewhat successful end to the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU’s tenure on energy legislation and now leaves the Austrians a lighter workload than initially feared.

EU strikes deal on 32% renewable energy target and palm oil ban after all-night session

Talks on renewable energy policy in Europe reached un unexpected breakthrough early this morning after negotiators from the European Parliament and  EU member states were able to reach a compromise on a 32% headline objective and a complete phase out of palm oil use in transport by 2030.

Energy savings law limps across the finish line

EU negotiators finally signed off on new energy efficiency rules Tuesday evening (19 June), as Bulgaria’s EU Presidency wrapped up another clean energy file. But some of the concessions made by MEPs have already provoked criticism.

EU strikes early morning deal on energy governance bill

Negotiators from the European Commission, Parliament and Council struck a deal on the energy union governance regulation after an all-night session where they agreed to aim for a net-zero carbon economy “as early as possible,” with a carbon budget and national strategies for 2050.

Clean Energy Package negotiations will continue in Q3 on electricity market design, stay tuned to EURACTIV for continued coverage.

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