Consumers, regulators and energy efficiency in buildings

EU countries need to begin massive buildings renovation programmes if they are to meet their Paris Agreement commitments. [esbobeldijk/Shutterstock]

Saving energy consumption in buildings will play a key part in Europe’s transition to a clean, secure and efficient energy system.

The European Commission is under pressure to keep its promise that 2016 will be the “year of delivery” for its Energy Union strategy to fight climate change and boost the bloc’s resistance to shortages.

Sustainable Energy Week, a Commission-backed series of conferences, debates and discussion in Brussels, provides an opportunity for industry, NGOs, policymakers at all levels of government, and other stakeholders to feed into officials’ thinking on two pivotal dossiers – the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive.

The dominant theme will be how to incentivise consumers to help build the Energy Union.

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