European gas markets

At the turn of the century, the European Union launched a vigorous liberalisation agenda in a bid to open up its national gas markets – aiming for lower prices, a greater range of suppliers and energy security. EURACTIV takes stock of progress made and the challenges lying ahead.

  • How to meet Europe’s growing gas import demand

     Infographic | Promoted content | Energy 18-05-2018

    As Europe’s domestic production of natural gas is steadily declining and demand is projected to remain stable, import requirements will rise in the coming decades. There are only two options to meet the increasing demand for gas imports – pipeline gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

  • Future of gas: Decarbonise or go bust

    News | Energy 18-05-2018

    Widely accepted as a “transition fuel” until 2030 to help wean Europe from coal, gas is also positioning itself as a clean fuel in its own right beyond that date. But meeting the EU’s 2050 climate goals will require a deep transformation of the sector, amid growing competition from solar and wind power.

  • Under Pressure, with Nord Stream 2: ‘How often do you receive calls from Mr Putin?’

     Video | Energy & Environment 17-05-2018

    The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project has come under intense scrutiny from the European Commission, which drafted a special directive last year to try and stop it. EURACTIV’s Frédéric Simon asked the awkward question to Nord Stream 2’s Chief Financial Officer, Paul Corcoran.

  • Gas market liberalisation: Does Europe really want it?

    Opinion | Energy 17-05-2018

    Almost ten years after the implementation of the Third Energy Package, the risk of backtracking on liberalisation looks very real as policymakers seem increasingly frustrated at having “given away” power to the market, writes Luca Franza.

  • Europe grapples with Dutch gas production ‘collapse’

    News | Energy 16-05-2018

    For the first time, the Netherlands became a net importer of gas last year, reflecting the inexorable decline in production from Europe’s North Sea fields – an issue EU policymakers are only starting to come to terms with.

  • Academic: ‘Huge progress’ in EU gas markets but supply still an issue

    Interview | Energy 15-05-2018

    The integration of European gas markets has made strides over the last fifteen years, bolstering energy security in Eastern EU countries as a result, says Jonathan Stern. But the collapse of Dutch production means Russia will probably remain at the centre of the game for years to come, he cautions.

  • Gas market liberalisation: An unsung EU success story?

    News | Energy 14-05-2018

    The liberalisation of European gas markets is widely recognised as a major success by industry analysts. But EU politicians are reluctant to celebrate it because liberalisation on its own has failed to deliver on another key objective – supply diversification. Ironically, Europe is now more dependent on Russian gas than ever.

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