Gas storage in the energy transition

Concept of energy storage system. Renewable energy power plants - photovoltaics, wind turbine farm and battery container. [Shutterstock]

The main value of gas storage has traditionally focused on security of supply, ensuring people can continue heating their homes in the event of a cold spell or a sudden supply cut. That is due to change in the coming years as energy companies compete for new ‘flexibility’ services in a hybrid energy system combining gas and electricity.

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  • The energy storage era is upon us

    Opinion | Promoted content | Energy 11-06-2019

    European citizens increasingly demand energy that is greener and available when needed. European gas storage operators are preparing to become a driving force of that transition by storing excess renewable energy, writes Lubor Veleba.

  • The evolving role of gas storage in Europe

    News | Energy 13-05-2019

    Departing from its usual supply security role, gas storage is vying for a central position in Europe’s vision of a hybrid energy system combining renewable electricity and low-carbon gases like hydrogen. But getting there won’t be a smooth run and regulators are watching closely.

  • Gas storage vies for central role in EU quest for carbon neutrality

    News | Energy 20-05-2019

    European gas storage sites have much to offer in the energy transition, providing a readily available platform to carry new low-carbon gases like hydrogen. What’s not clear yet is whether those gases can be produced in sufficient quantity to significantly cut carbon emissions.

  • Four energy storage projects that could transform Europe

    News | Energy 29-05-2019

    A demonstration plant in Germany that converts wind electricity into hydrogen is probably the most emblematic of a series of pilot projects that could radically transform Europe’s energy landscape in the coming decade.

  • Academic: Gas storage has ‘big potential’ in Europe’s low-carbon future

    Interview | Energy 14-05-2019

    Boasting 1,200 terawatt hours (TWh) of existing capacity, gas storage sites can be a formidable asset for Europe in the transition to a low-carbon economy, providing much-needed flexibility to a future energy system where gas and electricity will be more closely integrated, says Ilaria Conti.

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