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The European Union took a bold step when it imposed a ban on incandescent light bulbs in 2008. Almost ten years on, takes stock of progress made and sets sights on the next frontier – Human Centric Lighting.

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  • Policymakers set eyes on next wave of EU lighting laws

    News | Energy 12-10-2017

    Almost ten years after the European Union banned incandescent light bulbs, policymakers are turning their attention to less immediate aspects of lighting – ranging from productivity gains in the workplace and classrooms to human well-being and even emotional health.

  • Peter Liese MEP: ‘Intelligent lighting has biggest saving potential’

    Interview | Energy 11-10-2017

    The EU's ban on incandescent light bulbs was the low-hanging fruit for energy savings in lighting, believes German MEP Peter Liese. Much more can be achieved now with modern lighting technology, he told EURACTIV in an interview.

  • Lighting for well-being

    Opinion | Promoted content | Energy 11-10-2017

    Until recently the lighting industry has focused on creating a lighting environment that facilitates the visual task, is integrated with the building architecture and fulfils requirements on sustainability and energy efficiency. However, recent research demonstrates the impact that the quantity …

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