Commission launches heating and cooling strategy

“By using smart technologies and smart financing, Europeans can still enjoy adequate home temperatures, but without over spending on their energy bills and without over polluting the environment,” said EU Commissioner for Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič.

The European Commission presented its Heating and Cooling Strategy on Tuesday (16 February), the first EU initiative addressing the energy used for heating and cooling in buildings and industry, which now accounts for 50% of the EU’s annual energy consumption.

INFOGRAPHIC: The EU’s new Heating and Cooling Strategy

The European Commission announced a Heating and Cooling Strategy aimed at reducing energy waste.

“As you can see, today’s package presents a revised framework to increase Europe’s resilience to potential energy disruptions. On the supply side, it ensures security and diversity. On the demand side, it seeks creative ways to enhance our energy efficiency,” Šefčovič added.

The Heating and Cooling strategy is an EU-wide communication. It is up to member states to put it into practice.

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