Šef?ovi? hopes to convince Orbán to disclose energy agreements

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On Wednesday (February 25th) the European Commission launched its Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union. One of the key elements of the Energy Union is that member states’ energy deals with non-EU nations should be scrutinised on a mandatory basis by the European Commission before they are signed. Russia has always insisted that those deals are confidential.

During the recent visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said such plans were a “threat”, because in his words would hinder his country’s sovereignty.

EURACTIV asked Commission Vice President Maroš Šef?ovi? how he hopes to solve the issue.

He smiled at the “easy question” and said that this was the Commission’s proposal, which was going to be discussed with the member states and the European Parliament.

“It will not be an easy job, it will be very hard work, but I feel this approach has a lot of support among the member states”, said Šef?ovi?, adding that he hoped to use this momentum to explain the advantages of such a system, and also be able to convince the Hungarian Prime Minister.

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