European Internal Energy Market – Connecting the EU’s ‘energy islands’ in South East Europe

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At the end of February 2015, the European Commission adopted its strategy for a European Energy Union, aimed at ensuring secure, affordable and climate-friendly energy for citizens and businesses.

Nonetheless, “energy islands” still continue to exist, for instance in South East Europe, and their markets are not properly connected to their neighbours.

  • Can we speak about a truly liberal energy market in Europe? Are Member States in SEE complying with the requirements to ensure a secure, sustainable, competitive and affordable energy market?
  • Why do energy monopolies continue to reign in the Southeastern region of Europe?
  • Are energy regulators truly independent? Is the role/responsibilities/interrelation of policy makers, governments, local authorities / energy regulators delimited and distinct enough?
  • Can EU policy makers properly and efficiently enforce decisions and measures necessary to push the liberalization of energy markets in Member- States?

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