F-Gases: Yes to a phase-down, No to bans

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On the 19th of June, the ENVI committee votes on new F-Gas Rules.

Your vote is important because the decision of the European Parliament is vital for a sensible policy on F-Gases until 2030.

You might not know it, but F-Gases are essential ingredients to ensure health, safety and comfort in our modern day live. They are used as refrigerants in supermarkets to keep our food fresh and healthy, in heat pumps to heat our homes, in cold stores and lorries, in hospitals and many more …

EPEE, the association of the heating and cooling industry in Europe, wants and supports an ambitious reduction of F-Gas emissions. We think this can be done without bans and call on you to vote in favour of a realistic phase-down for three main reasons:

1.    A phase-down achieves the EU’s climate and energy goals

2.    A phase-down promotes European business

3.    A phase-down protects health, safety and the environment

Arbitrary bans, on the other hand, are counterproductive.

They will put the EU’s climate and energy goals as well as the health and safety of consumers at risk. Why ?

Because there are no safe, energy efficient alternatives to F-Gases for many applications.

Please vote on the 19th to make sure that the ENVI Committee seizes the opportunity for effective, ambitious, yet feasible new F-Gas rules. Vote in favour of the phase-down and against arbitrary, unfeasible and counterproductive bans.

Learn more at: http://www.epeeglobal.org/


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