MEP Dialogue on Glass Packaging

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The European Container Glass industry in Europe is an important contributor to the European economy and produces high quality container glass products for a global market. Europe is the biggest producer of container glass in the world. Glass packaging is a resource efficient and endlessly recyclable material which makes it the perfect packaging material in the context of sustainable consumption and production.

The establishment of this permanent MEP group is to discuss important issues of EU policy and its impact on the "Made in Europe" glass packaging industry. The first event, was not only a celebration of the establishment of the permanent MEP Group in the European Parliament but also highlighted one of the first policy issues: Life Cycle Analysis enjoys wide consensus as the best way to assess environmental impacts: But are policy makers right to trust them? The first MEP Policy Dialogue event on 25 September consisted of a presentation by Prof. Dr. Finkbeiner from the Technische Universität Berlin addressing the gaps in Life Cycle Assessments, followed by an open debate with participants: Members of the European Parliament, policy experts, EU environmental actors, and decision makers from the European institutions.

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