Oettinger: We have sufficient amount of gas for Europe

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The European Union has dismissed fears that Europe will not have sufficient gas in winter, after Russia decided to halt gas supplies to Ukraine following a row over gas pricing.

Moscow also said they will continue to supply Europe with gas through Ukraine.

The comments came after Russia and Ukraine failed to reach a deal on how state-owned Ukrainian gas company Nefotgaz should pay its debts to Russian Gazprom.

“There is no reason to fear in the upcoming weeks. We have sufficient amount of gas for Europe. The nearest weeks should be used to fill the storage tanks, because during cold winter days there’s not sufficient gas production. Therefore we need full tanks in Europe and also for Ukraine. Achieving of it will be the subject of further negotiations with Ukraine and Russia. I believe we have developed a package of arrangements to adequately supply the population of Europe for the next winter season.” said Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger in Vienna.

Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger urged Moscow to consider a compromise gas pricing offer to Ukraine and he said he hoped to convene more talks this month.

Oettinger has acted as a mediator in the trialogue between Ukraine, Russia and the EU.

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