43% of EU citizens support enlargement

The latest public opinion poll, conducted in the 15 EU Member States by Eurobarometer, shows that on the average 43% of the citizens of the Fifteen support the enlargement.

The Eurobarometer opinion poll shows that of the 13 applicant countries, the EU public is most likely to support Malta’s membership (49%) with support ranging from 36% in France to 72% in Greece.

Support for Hungary ranges from 36% in France to 65% in Sweden and Denmark; for Poland, it ranges from 23% in Austria to 70% in Denmark and, for Cyprus, it ranges from 32% in France and Germany to 88% in Greece.

At 30%, support for Turkey is least widespread and ranges from 20% in Germany to 44% in Ireland. At the EU level, opposition levels range from 27% for Malta to 47% for Turkey.


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